We are constantly changing our beers, and this list should reflect what is on tap today at the pub. However, things change. Life is not constant and sometimes there is a delay between the tapping of a keg and the updating of the internets. Our best recommendation is to head on down here and get it while we got it!

Until we devise a means of sorting and searching this list, here's a tip: The beers towards the bottom of this list are pretty much always on tap. The most recently added beers are at the top, and these tend to come and go pretty fast.

Morland's $5 Old Speckled Hen 4.5%
Fuller's $5 ESB 5%
Northcoast $5 Red Seal 5.1%
Lost Coast $5 Tangerine Wheat 5%
Bear Republic $5 Racer 5 7%
Trumer $5 Pilsner 4.9%
Pabst $3 Pabst Blue Ribbon 4.7%
Modelo $3 Especial 4.4%
Heinrich Reissdorf $7 Reissdorf Kölsch 4.8%